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Disposable cardboard plates Guadalajara

Who we are ?

Disposables cardboard Guadalajara: Disposable del angel, is a Jalisco company dedicated to the manufacture of personalized disposables, mainly concerned with the health of our users and the care of the environment, using quality raw materials that do not harm your health, giving you the bonus of being free of contaminants.
It is born from the need to create a 100% sustainable product, fulfilling the preservation of natural resources and taking care of the environment, that is why our products have FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificates, as well as our raw materials, using FSC-certified papers (Forest Management Board) that make it 100% Recyclable, using in its elaboration inks made from soy, free of heavy metals, and environment-friendly supplies. With the intention of offering our users a 100% eco-friendly product with both innovative and colonial designs, thicker and more durable disposables.

We are a Mexican company worried about the care of the land, using in our products raw materials with certificates of quality, friendly with the environment, free of contaminantes, for the care of the earth and of the health of our users, being of the The highest quality at a more affordable price. Necessary to achieve sustainable ecology, recycling, and manufacturing new products that do not damage the planet.

Disposables del Angel®.
Be seen and recognized as a socially responsible company, with the certificates and quality awards that endorse us, taking special care of the health of our users, encouraging the care and conservation of the environment. Continue to innovate to give our customers the satisfaction of knowing they use a product that does not pollute, does not harm the planet and does not harm health.
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Disposables of cardboard Guadalajara: All of our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards, thus seeking to meet and exceed the qualities specified by the customer, the attachment to continuous improvement is one of our main commitments in everything we do every day, we make the Good things though they do not see us.

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Customer opinion

Disposable cardboard Guadalajara Jalisco

Very good quality and delivery in Angel's disposable products, I highly recommend them

José Martinez Distributions Jalisco.
plastics and disposable Tlaquepaque

My dishes and personalized products to my entire satisfaction, very good service and quality.

Jorge Ortega Everything for parties.
Printed cardboard plates Mexico df

It is very rich to eat in disposable dishes with mud and talavera textures, it feels like eating in real dishes

Pepe Najera Taquizas at home.