Cardboard plates Guadalajara

Frequent questions

What kind of plate is it?
Disposable round plate, manufactured with FDA certified raw materials, 100% recyclable.
What uses are given to the cardboard plate?
Household item for the provision of food, both solid and liquid, fatty without temperature restriction. For use in the food industry, hospitality and domestic use. Being a more environmentally friendly option due to the time it takes or degradation compared to disposable unicel or plastic, in addition to being 100% recyclable.
In what presentation do the plates come?
Box with 20 plates and box with 20 boxes (400 plates).
What type of paper is used?
White, 18 pts., SGS Certification (FDA CFR 176.170 Paper for contact with fatty and liquid foods).
What coating is allowed?
FDA complies for use in contact with food.
What is the FDA?
FDA (Food and Drug Administration), as well as our raw materials, using papers certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) that makes it 100% Recyclable.
How can we contact or make a purchase?
Through orders via WhatsApp , phone, email or visit us personally at our physical address.
Are personalized dishes with advertising?
If our plus is to customize the disposable cardboard plates, with brands or logos of the client or the company, textures are customized, or regional dishes of each state. In this way, through a plate with printed advertising, the customer is reached at the time of eating a delicious dish.